We have been supplying solar energy systems to the installation retail sector since 2011.


Why Solar

At Supa Solar we take the time to find the perfect solar power package that best matches your requirements.

We understand that all homes are different. This is why our renewable energy consultants will work with you to better understand your individual energy needs and to help match a solar power package that is optimized for your home.

Finding the right solar power package for your home is very important. We know only too well how easy it is to end up with a huge electricity bill at the end of the month or quarter and we’re experts in finding solar packages and solutions for you that will reduce this pain as much as possible and start you saving those $ for something more worthy!

With growing emphasis on green renewable energy resources, more and more Australian people are turning to solar power to supply their everyday electricity needs. Supa Solar Power offers neat solutions to you. See immediate saving when you pick for solar PV installation. Your electricity charge drops dramatically.

In addition, System owners get 30%-40% government rebate from the investment. People should take advantage of these savings immediately once sign the contract. Participate in the clean ecology drive to reduce impact on environment. We customize each system for individual equirements.

How Solar Works


Choose Your Solar System

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Popular Packages


Est. Daily Output: 6.75 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $566


Est. Daily Output: 9 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $755


Est. Daily Output: 13.5 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $1,133


Est. Daily Output: 18 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $1,511


Est. Daily Output: 22.5 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $1,888